Legal and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

LifeNome abides by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, or GINA, a U.S. federal legislation with bipartisan support that protects Americans from discrimination with respect to health insurance and employment decisions on the basis of genetic information. GINA has passed through Congress and was signed into law by the President on May 21, 2008. As a result, American insurance companies and health plans (including both group and individual insurers, as well as federally-regulated plans) will be prohibited from: looking at your predictive genetic information or genetic services before you enroll; "requesting or requiring" that you or your family members take a genetic test; restricting enrollment based on genetic information; or changing your premiums based on genetic information. GINA also prohibits U.S. employers (including employment agencies, labor organizations, and training programs) from: discriminating against who they hire or how much they pay on the basis of genetic information; "requesting or requiring" that you or your family members take a genetic test; or disclosing your genetic information in their possession except under specific and specially controlled circumstances. We also abide by COPPA which applies to the online collection of personal information from children under 13. The new rules spell out what a Web site operator must include in a privacy policy, when and how to seek verifiable consent from a parent and what responsibilities an operator has to protect children's privacy and safety online.

Data Usage and Storage

At LifeNome, you control your data and profile and can delete your data and profile at any time. This will erase your raw genetic data from our databases. The wellbeing reports generated will be kept for your future reference. LifeNome does not share any personally identifiable genetic information with any other third party entities. ​​You understand that LifeNome may use your genotype and phenotype data as part of an aggregate and anonymous research analysis to improve its genomics algorithm.

Data Security

LifeNome takes the security of your data seriously. We use state of the art security measures and encryption technologies to safeguard your personal information. You will be responsible for safeguarding your login information and should not share your authentication information to any third party. Please notify us of any unauthorized use of your password.

Statement of Limitations

LifeNome provides non-disease wellness information only. The information provided by LifeNome does not constitute medical advice and is provided solely as complementary insight to assist you, your nutritionist, fitness instructor, and/or health-care provider in making more personalized decisions for your well-being. Genetic predispositions do not mean a condition is actually present. Many environmental and behavioral factors impact the actual presence of a condition.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless LifeNome and its employees, officers, directors, agents and suppliers from and against all losses, costs, damages, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) related to any (A) violation by you of these Terms and Conditions, and (B) posting by you of material to this website.Type your paragraph here.


These Terms and Conditions are effective as the last updated date posted above, unless and until modified as provided above, or terminated at any time, by LifeNome.

Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions and your use of the website shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Delaware without regard to its conflicts of laws principles. This website and its contents are intended to comply with the laws and regulations in the U.S. If any provision in these Terms and Conditions is held to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, then such provision shall be severable without affecting the enforceability of all remaining provisions. LifeNome reserves the right to alter or delete materials from this website at any time at its discretion.

Terms and Conditions of Service

By accessing or using the website and/or ordering LifeNome products, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Site and Report Content

The information on the website or in LifeNome reports is for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to be used for medical advice or diagnosis or treatment. Predisposition information provided by is based on the best available peer-reviewed scientific literature and our predisposition engine uses a state of the art patent-pending risk assessment methodology. However genetic predisposition likelihood based on genetic variations does not constitute a diagnosis of a condition. Individuals should always consult with their physician or other qualified healthcare provider about questions concerning a medical condition, and before starting, stopping or modifying any treatment or medication.

Intellectual Property and Site Use

The trademarks, service marks, logos and other information and materials described or appearing on the website are protected by applicable trademark, patent, copyright and other laws. None of the trademarks, service marks, logos and other information and materials on the website may be used in any advertising or publicity, or otherwise to indicate LifeNome’s affiliation with, or sponsorship of, any product or service without LifeNome’s written consent.

Disclaimer of Content and Warranties; imitation of Liability

LifeNome attempts to keep all the information on the website and in the reports up-to-date. However given the fast-changing nature of genomics science, the content of this website may need to be updated. While LifeNome is committed to maintaining high quality scientific information available, LifeNome makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy of the content of the website or the reports, and assumes no responsibility for any consequences relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based upon the information and material on this website or the reports. Your use of the website is subject to the additional disclaimers and caveats that may appear throughout these Terms and Conditions and otherwise on the website. You assume the entire risk of loss in using this website and the reports as well as the information and materials contained on the website and the reports.

Use of third party genetics testing services

LifeNome does not do genetic testing, but relies on third party providers for genetic testing services. LifeNome uses your genetic testing data provided with your consent by the genetic testing service or yourself to produce genetically-influenced well-being reports only. The services provided by such third party providers is governed by their terms and conditions, which they will present the user upon registration with their service. LifeNome takes no responsibility for genetic testing services provided by third parties and is offering the ordering of the genetic testing services as a courtesy to the user.

Disclaimer of Hyperlinks and Endorsement

The website may contain (A) content owned by third parties, and (B) hypertext links to websites owned by third parties. LifeNome provides such third party content and hypertext links as a courtesy to users and has no control over such third party content and websites referenced or made available to you on this website. LifeNome does not endorse, sponsor, recommend or otherwise accept any responsibility for such third parties, any third party content, third party websites and/or any third party goods and services described in such content or websites. LifeNome is not responsible for information, goods or services offered or provided by such third parties or for the manner in which they conduct their business.

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