Lifenome in the Media

​​Jan 13, 2017

LifeNome, Infoshield Partner on Genomic Data Encryption

NEW YORK – LifeNome and Infoshield have announced a partnership to develop homomorphic encryption standards for genomic and phenotypic data for cloud-based software.

Jan 03, 2017

LifeNome, Imagene Labs Extend Partnership in Asia

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Singapore's Imagene Labs and New York-based LifeNome announced they are expanding their partnership on so-called "wellness genomics" to include China and Hong Kong. Imagene Labs will incorporate LifeNome's bioinformatics platform into its consumer genomics testing products to be offered in both markets. Imagene said in a statement that it is building genetic testing facilities in China and plans to offer "personalized genomics guidance on nutrition, fitness, skin care, allergy potentials, and other wellness insights" by early 2017.

November 29, 2016

FastCompany Features LifeNome

The "Internet Of Food," DNA Testing, And The Quest For The Perfect DietYou are what you eat. But everybody's different, and everybody should eat differently. Technology can help.

​​​October 27, 2016

Creator Magazine: Raya Khanin and Ali Mostashari ​Unlock Secrets of Your DNA

More and more research is backing up one thing: our DNA has more impact on our daily lives than we ever thought possible. Genetic testing can give you insight about what kind of exercise will help you drop a few pounds and which foods you should eat to stay healthy.

​September 1, 2016

Imagene Labs Introduces Region’s First Complete ​Genetics-Based Wellness Solutions

Imagene Labs today announced the launch of its line of skincare, nutrition and fitness solutions customised to individuals’ unique genetic profiles. As one of the leading genomic labs in the region, Imagene Labs leverages proprietary research in DNA testing and its intimate understanding of Asian genetics to create end-to-end health and wellness products for consumers in the region.

​​May 31, 2016

Personal Genomics Revolution comes to Southeast Asia

LifeNome and Imagene Labs partner to bring personal genomic trait information to millions of consumers empowering them to make better wellness decisions NEW YORK and SINGAPORE, May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore-based Imagene Labs Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Asia Genomics Pte. Ltd., and New York City-based LifeNome Inc. today announced a major international partnership to bring genomic personalization of wellness and lifestyle choices to Southeast Asia.

​​May 6, 2016

UBS Report Names LifeNome as one of the Key Players in the Personalized Genomics Market

The UBS evidence lab, in its Genomcis 2.0 report, has identified LifeNome as one of the key players in the emerging personalized genomics market. Alongside with, 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA, LifeNome was one of the best known brands for individuals who had already done genetic testing.

October 30, 2015

BabyNome, a DNA-Based Nutrition and Well-Being Manual for Children

BabyNome is a DNA-based nutrition manual for children that offers customized nutritional advice based on a child's individual genetic makeup. This nutrigenomics technology is available for children 0 through 8 years old and allows parents to receive a personalized road map to healthy nutrition based on the child's metabolism. The program uses computational nutrigenomics technology to analyze a child's DNA from a saliva sample. It identifies more than 40 nutrition and metabolism traits and generates personalized recommendations in the form of an instruction manual that can be used to improve the child's nutrition and address specific needs.​​

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